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It always surprised me how foreign people seem to be fascinated by my country. My country has amazing nature and views, sadly some touched badly by humans, but most of it can be breathtaking. I only have to drive an hour outside of Reykjavik and blast Sigur Rós (an Icelandic band. If you haven’t heard of them you should! Here’s a new song from them called Caution ) and I have entered my own little world inside of my head, with a subtle smile on my face. I believe I’m getting off track trying to introduce myself.


I’m Védís ( from Iceland).

This is not my first blog, my first being a fashion one that was called Icelandic Teen Style, but it ended shortly since I figured there were too many fashion blogs, it wasn’t unique enough for me. I wanted to do something that not everyone was doing. I also just lost interest and wanted to widen my writing about other stuff but the name made it like it had to be just about fashion.

Which leads me here. Not only will this be a blog about fashion in Iceland, but more of art, music, the culture and anything that will come to my mind. I’ll probably be writing about anything and everything from a blue peanut to a yellow elephant. Perhaps even Santa Claus in mid July (probably not though). I’m just going to let this flow and see how this will turn out.

But I’m sure that my main goal will be just to inspire you.


p.s. You can just call me Vedis


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