Artist of the Week: Vivian Maier

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So I’ve been itching to start a article that will be called artist of the week were I’ll talk about artists that I’ve known of or just recently found out about. That is, artists with art I really like that I’d like to share with you guys. This was actually something I wanted to do with my old blog.

So I figures out I should at least start with Vivian since she inspired me to continue to photograph, her story is quite good in my opinion.

Long story short: Vivian Maier was a nanny in the 1950’s. She took care of three little boys that later on described her as just like Mary Poppins. She had a very simple life, speaking with a french accent in New York even though she was fully American and she had a film camera. That camera is what made her an artist. Every Sunday she would go out and photograph anything and everything on the streets or wherever she was.

But, a few years back, a man called John Maloof bought a few boxes of films from a garage sale that turned out to be her films. He found thousands and thousands of films, most of them undeveloped! When he could scan the films and see better the pictures, it turned out she had a very good eye.

She never even saw most of her work and yet most of it was outstanding! She just finished films without even seeing most of her hard work. Her films were sold in a auction and somehow ended years later in a garage sale.

Today John in making a movie called “Finding Vivian Maier”, he is still fighting for her name, for her to be called one of America’s best street photographers.

To learn more about her, she has a website were you can see some of her work as well as read more about this all:

You can watch a YouTube video here which explains more as well:

I don’t know about you but I found her story quite remarkable and her artwork really good. I think she deserved more attention.

Have a great week!

Some of HER WORK ( I own nothing!):

Vivian Maier Photo

Vivian Maier Photo

Vivian Maier Photo

Vivian Maier Photo

Vivian Maier Photo


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