Artist of the Week: Humon

14/01/2013 § Leave a comment


It seems I have lasted a whole week! *patting myself on the back with a goofy smile* So last time I introduced a photographer that I like, but now I’m going to turn towards an artist that makes comics.

Humon (her artist name, can’t seem to find out her real one…) is a danish woman that makes all kinds of comics, from spies on missions(Niels and gang), an octopus lady and her husband (Love and Tentacles) and countries introduces as characters (Scandinavia and the World, which is her most famous one of all).

She has loads of other types but these are her most known ones and two of them also have a separate website from her DeviantART site, which is a website where artist show their work on. She is extremely funny, sassy and sweet in her comics, most of her work has a category everyone can relate to so spread the love and show your friends.

My personal favorite is Scandinavia and the World (or SatW) which I mentioned before where countries are introduced by two characters, a girl and a boy, whom usually are siblings, the female being called Lady/Sister X( x=insert name of country).

You just have to check it out for yourself! I’ll put a comic down below

Humon gallery on DeviantART

Her website

Scandinavia and the World’s website

Niels and gang website

Click on a comic to read it, it will open a new tab. Click on image again to read the comic. 🙂





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