Artist of the Week: Stressed Jenny

23/01/2013 § Leave a comment


I’m in love with drawings and cartoon like art at the moment, especially sweet and romantic ones. Stressed Jenny is an artist I found on DeviantART who draws very romantic and sweet drawings. She known for her characters Elle, a very normal girl and Mias, a powerful sorcerer that wants Elle for himself.

Lots of people (including me) have fallen for these two, I’ve found fan art and fan fiction with them as well, not only is it sweet, but the sweetest part is that Stressed Jenny, or Genevieve Danger Clements like I think her name is, really LOVES her fans. Jenny explores her fan art and  fan fiction, often comments to her fans what she thinks, and she loves it. She always gives so much attention to her fans as well as her art, she is so thoughtful which makes me love her more!

Of course it’s hard to say if you´ll like this art, but if you like drawings that are sweet, happy and romantic then give this a shot!

Here is a link to her website on Deviantart, straight to her gallery.

Click thepicture to read it, it will open a new tab. Click on image again to see better. 🙂



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