Ten Things That Make Me Smile

27/01/2013 § Leave a comment

Attention: This is in no particular order. And I own none of these pictures, they’re just a few I found on the web. I’ll mention the owner if I know.


Hanging out with Friends/Girl’s Night Out
friendsGood cup of tea
Good cup of teaHealthy Skin Day 

(that day when you have less breakout’s then usually)

good skinGood book
booksWhen I wake up with Great Hair

woman with beautiful long curly hairGood HairhairNew Dress/Shoes/Cosmetics
dress.1000.champagne.web©Lauren Maurer

Link to her website
shoesfree-stuff-mac-pro-cosmetics(insert hobby you like)-ing
photographing.ned-1photographing (you can find owner here I think -link)applying makeupapplying makeupdrawing.portraitsketchdrawing (I’m not this good!)

Giving/Receiving presents
a present for youMy sister’s laugh

(My sister has Down’s syndrom like this girl)


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