Science made FUN!

30/01/2013 § Leave a comment


When I was younger I found science to be incredibly boring, I never realized that it could actually be fun and enjoyable.

Wait a second…


No seriously! 😀

Some textbooks at school just don’t seem to show it well. In my opinion they should add more pictures, make science comics or have more classes were kids experiment more by experimenting with scientific stuff, like put by themselves objects on a slide to learn velocity and acceleration or add sugar/salt to water and learn why it disappears. Of course lots of schools have these qualities but a lot of them don’t…

And then there is the internet, more specifically Youtube.

On Youtube I’ve found videos that actually are enjoyable to watch and learn more about science, I evan discovered a channel called AsapSCIENCE that has only science video’s that are really enjoyable. Also, Charlie Mac Donnell or charlieissocoollike like he is known on Youtube, makes really fun science videos called Fun Science (not surprised there *smirks*), as well as other videos that you really need to see. He’s definitely my favorite youtuber!

AsapSCIENCE video:

Fun Science by Charlie:

Other not science video by Charlie:


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