Artist of the Week: Of Monsters and Men

11/02/2013 § Leave a comment


Newly discovered outside Iceland, they’re an Icelandic band that have this unique sound which I’m lost how to explain!

After their song Little Talks was discovered, to me it was the only song played on the radio for weeks! Soon after they were discovered their other songs were played in radio as well, had a free concert where I got their T-shirt (which I’m always using!) in Hljómskálagarður in Reykjavík (the capitol of Iceland), got a new website and are currently touring so if you like the videos below you should check out to see if they are playing close by.

The band makes indie folk/pop songs, it has five/six members, two whom are the lead singers, Nanna and Raggi. The guitarist is Brynjjar, drummer Arnar and bassist Kristján. They also have a girl that plays the trumpet , or at least I’ve seen her play with them but I don’t know her name or if she is an official member, I think not though.

The played in Icelandic Airwaves, a music festival held here in Iceland during autumn, containing around 30 bands playing both on and off venue.

TIP: If you’re interested on going you should buy tickets now during spring, tickets get more expensive the closer the festival gets! Here is a link to the website.

And here is a link to Of Monsters and Men website.

A few of my favorite songs as well as the ones that have music videos.

You can also watch them on their site, the have seperate videos for Icelandic people and for foreign since Icelandic people can’t watch some of their music videos on youtube. So if you can’t watch these ones, try looking it up on youtube to find ones you can watch.

Little Talks:

King and Lionheart:

Yellow Light:



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