Fire and Ice café

10/04/2013 § Leave a comment

Well I´m back, got caught up in school.

There is nothing better then having a hot crepé with caramel and apples with my good friend Rut after a P.E. running test. Rut has agreed to become my new partner in crime, to investigate treat shops in central Reykjavík. Mostly though underground ones, Te og Kaffi is a coffee shop that is everywhere and over priced! We decided to find more underground places with better prices.
I knew this place called Fire and Ice (Eldur og Ís) located in central Reykjavík on the street Skólavörðustígur (the street and combines with the famous Laugarvegur to form the street Bankastræti).

The shop is owned by an italian man and praise the lord that this place exists! Usually when you think of ice cream in Iceland you immediately think of the typical icelandic ice cream stores that all have the same thing and have no spark. This small place is better then all those icelandic ones put together! The walls are painted in colorful colours, with beautiful italian music in the background while in the cases you have endless of treats and sweets to die for! Tarts, ice cream, chocolate eclairs and konfekt…

So you can can enjoy a cup of coffee/tea while eating a delicious crepé with soothing music. The only thing that could have been better would be if the ice cream was italian made as well. That would have been the cherry on the top of the sundae as you could put it.

Sweets posts are now weekly on wednesdays and Artist of the week will be on a break. Also I’m updating my portfolio with new pictures. Here is a link





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