Erró, Mika, a ship symphony and lipsticks out of crayons

19/05/2013 § Leave a comment


Last fall I went to this gallery show along with my mother and younger brother where we saw work by Erró (famous artist in Iceland, mostly does pop art, google Andy Warhol if you want to know what pop art is and how he made it cool) in the Art Museum of Reykjavík. Suddenly my brother is whining and beat red in the face, apparently Erró must have been horny sometime because my brother found some very… interesting pictures of naked Japanese people, a little bit too much for a 11-year-old perhaps.Poor thing ran immediately for the superhero pictures, and  drank happily his cup of cocoa at the café there later. But none the less, if you are here in Iceland before the 25th of August next autumn (August in 2013) you should check it out if you like pop art. Erró also has some drawings, if I would compare his work with Andy Warhol’s, his (Erró) is not as much comic book like all the time, has also more detail in some pictures. Anyway here is a link for the exhibit on the Museums site in English: link.



Mika had a concert before Christmas here in Iceland, and I didn’t go. I’m an idiot. I saw this on (where you can buy tickets for cinema/concerts and more, here is a link) and when I saw the price I hesitated. I’m a fool. The price was 14.500kr (around 120$ then, 117$ around now) which is a lot. A whole lot. But then again since when does Mika come to Iceland, and how long will it be before he comes again, a long time, so I’m an idiot for not going and I’m still kicking myself for not taking the chance. But now Frank Ocean has a concert (again, artists don’t come often here, not big ones) and now the debate has began again in my head. Just great… I liked Mika a lot more though…


The Art festival has begun and there was this symphony where ships blew their horns, it sounded very… unique. I didn’t quite like it much, but it was interesting, I believe there was something like this last year too, only a different artist organizing everything. Here’s a video from YouTube:



Last Friday I made lipsticks from crayons. And I cannot believe it, but it works! You’ll save money, check this video out:




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