Iceland Writers Retreat, NaNoWriMo and lots of tea! Updated!

10/07/2013 § 4 Comments

writers retreat

This blog post is dedicated to all those who love writing and want to do something new. Sorry how short it is as well. 🙂

writers retreat 2

          So the other day I was browsing in my computer when I noticed my friend Rut had shared a post named Iceland Writer’s Retreat. Having no idea what it was and since it sounded quite pleasant I checked it out and clicked on it. I was expecting an Icelandic NaNoWriMo of sort since I mis-read the title as Iceland’s Writers Retreat but when I checked it out it seemed to be for non-Icelanders since it’s Iceland Writer’s Retreat. So it turns out, it’s for you!(if you’re not an Icelander). 
So this is happening in April next year in 2014, there will be workshops and trips that include some sightseeing and you get to experience some Icelandic music, nature and more. They have a blog but it only has one post with pictures and an about page, you can check it out. I’m sure they’ll post more when the time comes. But none the less if you like writing and want some inspiration you should check it out later when more has been announced, for instance prices! I have no clue what this will cost! Again sorry!

Update: Apparently they have a website that I didn’t find while google-ing it, so  thanks a bunch Erica Green for pointing that out! She is the founder as well as Eliza Ried. It’s kind of pricy, 2100$ before the 15th of January but 2300$ after the 16th so definitely mark this in your calendar so you won’t forget to pay before the 16th! This is not cheap but then again trips to foreign countries are always pricy. I’ll definitely do a post on how to get your way around here in Iceland and things to do on a budget here.
Here is the main site: Click me! There you’ll find prices I mentioned and more about it, they´ll most likely update more later about the types of workshops. And if you have any questions regarding my country don’t hesitate to ask me. 🙂



          Another thing is NaNoWriMo!

          What is na-no-wri-mo?

NaNoWriMo stands for National Novels Writing Month and was introduced to me by my good friend Gunnar. It’s not a competition! Though you can make it into one, for instance the last two years I competed with my friend Gunnar who would have a higher word count since we knew we would not be able to finish since the final exams were basically starting almost the week after it finishes. So we competed, Gunnar won both years and he got a free pizza slice and coke on me at a pizzeria close to our school.

Back to NaNoWriMo, the idea is to write a novel/50.000 words in a month/30 days/ November. It’s hard! Trust me, but so fun! And nobody is watching you that you finish, so it’s ok if you don’t. I’ve haven’t yet and I’ve competed twice.

I should aslo mention it’s FREE!


          As for tea, well it was nothing exciting. I’m just drinking so much of it it must be terrible for me. I had 9 cups the day before my Chemistry final exam. I’m trying to consume less but it’s one of the things that really is pleasuring, especially when I’m writing. There is nothing better then a good cup of tea, a few biscuits and a head with a few ideas to write about.



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