Painting on the dining room table today

03/08/2013 § Leave a comment

Wasn’t up for writing lately, but I’m finally making my best friend’s graduation gift(she graduated in May), I gave her something else when she did but I knew she wanted a chalkboard like I made for myself. So since it’s a long weekend (everyone here in Iceland has the day off on Monday because it’s a holiday) I decided to finally do it since she’s coming back home soon from a writers program she took in Sweden. So I blasted Nina Simone and Ella Fitzgerald on Spotify in my computer this morning while I painted on my parents dining table. Oh yes you read correctly, on the dining room table since it was big enough. And yes,

I’ve got balls.

(that is… not literally but figuratively…)

I also fixed up my board and I used a different brush so the one for my friend had a smoother surface, I used a rolling one instead of the type like a paintbrush, have no idea what you call the rolling one in English…

The paint was not really cheap but not completely overly priced, it was around 2500 ISK I believe ( which I thought was fair, 2500 ISK is around 20$ ), it is a while back since I bought it so I’m pretty sure around 2500 ISK. I bet any American that is reading this is gaping, well this is cheap compared to I live in Iceland and for us, thing are always cheaper in the USA!

Haven’t finished it yet but I’ll post the final look later.

If you’re going to do this, I’d make a big board, mine was around 30x40cm big and it looks quite small so I bought a bigger one for my friend, hers is turning out better than mine I’ve noticed. Also, I did mine outside first a few months ago and the sun came out and I didn’t “turn on the lightbulb” as the Icelandic saying goes so when I checked mine out it had cracks that I had to fix. So I would just do this inside a garage, or on the dining room table if you’re not a clutz and you’re home alone for a few days.

Your mother will hopefully not notice. Hopefully…





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