New Look/Old Look

06/08/2013 § Leave a comment

Hope you don’t mind me changing back to the old look. It’s looks nicer (cleaner if that makes sense) then the other look I had in my opinion. I also added a header!

And if I start changing a lot the look all you need to do is say:
“Vedis! I think we have had quite enough thank you! The X look was fine, let’s stick to that!”

And I’ll change it back, sigh and say “very well then” and smile (if I’ve had my daily cup of tea that is, which I never skip).

I thought the header was fine, took the picture myself. Wanted to have a blurry background so all you need to do is have the aperture low and the camera on a tripod or on a table (like I did since the scenery was on a table). Here is the full size image:


I wanted to use this image below, but since I had to crop it a lot the other one looked better cropped.



And one more thing, I joined blorner, since bloggers has quit. Here you can find me on blorner:




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