Gay Pride, Berlin and a lazy Sunday

12/08/2013 § 2 Comments


Saturday was filled with colors everywhere and of course a rainbow flag. Gay Pride was celebrated here in Iceland and on Saturday there was a grand parade that just made you smile. You couldn’t help it after seeing all of the decorations, hearing the music and seeing the smiles. Here in Iceland we support gay marriages and thousands of people went downtown to see the parade, almost as much as on our independence day.That is a lot, here in Iceland the population is only 300.000 people, so it seemed like a big chunk of 1/3 of all of Reykjavik was there. I went for the third time in a row, ever since I discovered it I’ve always gone and of course I sported my rainbow eyes that I were every year. Took me only about 50 minuets  to finish my eyes before I finally got to put on my foundation…

So we were a little late (only me and my brother went since our parents had to finish shopping) but we didn’t miss the parade thankfully. Sadly I took all the photos on slide films so you’re going to have to wait until they’re developed.Note to self, start way sooner on applying your rainbow eyes next year.

Then my grandma came for dinner and my mom was so excited apparently to tell her about a trip she planned for me and her. Apparently she had been thinking all day how to tell her mother, before or after dinner, with or without desert and so on… Were going to Berlin!  I honestly can’t wait, whoever said time flies is a liar! I leave the 22nd of August so it’s so soon. But my mom’s discussion with grandma was amusing however:

Mom: “We’re going to Berlin!”

Grandma: “Oh, I know all about that dear!”

Mom: “Really? How?”

Grandma: “Saw it on Facebook.”

I had posted it there a few days ago. My mom’s not on Facebook but my grandma is which is quite humorous. Then my grandma gave me money for my trip to buy something nice. She doesn’t take no for an answer.

And today is a lazy Sunday for me (I’m writing this entry on Sunday and publishing it on Monday since I scheduled other posts today). Took the bus downtown and checked in Eymundsson (the Icelandic Barnes & Nobles) to buy notepads and find books I wanted to read. I couldn’t help but buy a fine pen for my sketches,doodles and writing and a cute bookmark that lists 50 books you should check out.

I couldn’t help it when I walked inside but to argue with myself:

Voice inside me: “Keep walking you lady and don’t look to your right.”

Me whining: “Oh come on, an iced tea would be perfect right now!”

Voice: “Forget it, it’s so expensive!”

Yes, Te og Kaffi (Icelandic Starbucks, though it’s not on every corner) is situated in the same building.

The price between paperback and hardcover is ridiculous here! It’s four time’s cheaper to buy paperback! I grabbed the cheaper Persuasion by Jane Austen and Angels &Demons by Dan Brown since it was on my list of the next books I’m going to try out.

I then walked home instead of taking the bus since there was really nice weather this morning, which doesn’t happen often. Only took me a little more than an hour to walk home instead of the ten minuet bus drive I’m used to. Next time I’ll take the bus I think…

But it was ok, took a few pictures of the sea and when I got home my mom had bought a cake in the bakery, something that NEVER happens. She must be in a really good mood today apparently.

I was going to take a picture of the cake along with the other stuff but then I though “Vedis, you’re not this cruel!” So I didn’t thanks to the voice inside my head. It would be just to plain mean of me to do so unless it was a recipe post. Then I would have to show how the final look is of course.

I couldn’t find The Da Vinci Code but I found something else, The Kite Runner which I have to add to my list.

That wraps up my weekend I believe.





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