The good old days

14/08/2013 § Leave a comment

Was bored and was cleaning my computer when I found these photos I liked and kept. Thought you wouldn’t mind seeing a few. I especially love that being skinny was not considered a beautiful trait.

I own none of these pictures.attheraces-1930 1930-B 1920s-shoes 1934_Duesenberg 1-Fashion+Fashion+Show+Union+Square+1950s 158 600full-edie-sedgwick 1920's chanel 1920_1930_hairstyles 1920-suits-dresses-trousseau 1920s_fashion_lineup 1920s 1920s chicago bride 261910656_cb2a1572e3 3770748468_3f05c31b09 4699230918_694080e335 AdsGeorgehenrylee beat1 beatnik (1) Beatniks_onStage charleston-dance-1920s cafe1 Edwina-Ashley-3 fashion-in-1920s2 figure4-5 funny-face-balloons fzdn8z1b7djq6u stye icon edie sedgwick sparklehat ihfukovow3r9yy hist_flappers The-1920s-silhouette The-Beat-Generation tumblr_lgbhtkLBpg1qbi19no1_400 tumblr_kvrkxyq0PE1qzyh6no1_500 tumblr_lze2v2qWDY1qzbjdso1_250 tumblr_mijvikSPf41qai67ao1_500 votes_for_women tumblr_m6d551gvma1ryg36qo1_1280 Women-in-the-1920s-Flat-Rock-Org



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