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So lately I’ve been busy with school and such that I haven’t been able to blog recently but finally things are getting quiet, well as quiet as they can be. I’ve started reading The Da Vinci Code in Icelandic, since I read too much English that it affects my Icelandic, so I went to the library at school. Then my school bag started to rip and it now has a big hole in it that I’m going to check out, hopefully I can fix it and use it more but these days I’m the “sunshine student” with a big, bright, yellow bag for my books as well as my schedule and pencil case, yellow is my favorite color these days.

I was busy lately because I was in the Photographing Committee at school and we were taking pictures of all of the students, so all my extra time was wasted with that because it ended with me doing most of the work, even the work my chairman should have done. I finished my work and quit since it was a terrible experience since I’ve been doing most of the work all summer as well and I guess it paid off since the school’s schedule book/diary was finally published and it looks ok(the book above The Da Vinci Code called Járnfrúin). The theme is a 50’s theme this year as I hope you can tell.


As for Berlin, I know it’s been a while since I got back and I really want to write about it but I want to publish it with my pictures along with the post in a gallery. However, the scanner I’ve been trying out is a pain in the ass (I apologize for my language) and I’m taking the films (yes, I’m still not over my film frenzy yet) to Fujifilm on Wednesday, so soon I promise! I also noticed I have more films that I need to finish but don’t worry I’m not going to wait with the ones I’ve already developed.


I’m also VERY excited to start a new series that I’m going to write. I think I’m going to call them “A Guide to Iceland by a Native Icelander” or A.G.T.I.B.A.N.A for short since it’s a silly word. I’m going to make 8 posts in these series, 7 of them about different areas of Iceland e.g. what to find there, do,buy,see and how to get around and ext:

Höfuðborgarasvæðið (Reykjavík and area around) I live in Reykjavik

Vesturland (West of Iceland)

Vestfirðir (Westfjords) I have family connections here

Norðurland (North of Iceland)

Austurland (East of Iceland)

Suðurland (South of Iceland)

Reykjanes (An area in the sound-west, where Keflavik Airport is)


And the 8th will be how to pack I think or something else. Overall I hope it’s something you would find interesting, I did say I would do something like this in my post about Iceland’s Retreat and NaNoWriMo I believe.

Other than that, have a nice day!


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