A part of the Harry Potter Generation

21/10/2013 § 5 Comments

yourejustassaneasiam- luna lovegood

I was seven years old when I was introduced to the Harry Potter series. I only remember that there was this classroom in my school that was filled with books that they were selling, both new and old and I picked it up from the shelf and asked my mom to buy it for me. She did, but it stayed on my shelf for a few years untouched.

A few years later I find it on my shelf after moving to Iceland and after picking it up I didn’t part with it untill every page was turned and every word was read.

A secret chamber, time travel, Sirius Black, a tournament, the golden snitch, Dolores Umbridge (“insert bad word”…), Luna Lovegood, Butterbeer, lilies, green eyes, deathly hallows, broken wands and endless library trips took place the next few years .

I listened to audio books, old-fashioned books, I read on the couch, on my bed, in the kitchen and on a bench. I read when I was sick, when I was fine, when I was at home, when I was in the country. I read the last book in only seven hours, I couldn’t stop and finally it was all over. Done, and it was hard to accept it. But I could not let it go!

I watched the films, read the fan fiction (who didn’t!), took the “what house are you?” tests (GO RAVENCLAW!) and sent a fan letter to J.K.Rowling after starting to write myself (I wanted help with my writing, I was twelve…we all did embarrassing things at twelve… ). I discovered more fantasy books and met more fantastic characters that I’m pretty sure I would have never discovered had I never picked up Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

This had been a huge part of my childhood and a huge part of me and I’m pretty sure I’ll never accept that it’s over one day. This has been my favorite adventure, that has not yet ended and it has been truly…


All was well.



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