bashing walls, Thanksgiving in Iceland and exams

28/11/2013 § Leave a comment

ágústa my little sister

So this fall me and my mom have been catching fevers, stomach aches, headaches, asthma and all kinds of stuff in regular “waves” or “tides” as you could put it. I don’t want to make this post gross but it turns out that a pipe in our wall broke sometime and the wall was seriously wet inside and water flooded under our parquet. We didn’t notice anything and we have no clue when this happened, it could have happened before we moved in two years ago.

So we are dealing with a mold problem here and it’s not just us but a great percent of all Icelanders or 20% of the nation is dealing with this. I heard it in the news on the radio, you can hear it here but sadly it’s in Icelandic, and my family is lucky since the insurance company is paying for all the facility thankfully. We live in a neighborhood that has houses that are around 50 years old so it’s no surprise.

So lately we have been bashing down walls, drying inside of the one that was wet inside and changing the floor and more. We wanted to build an extension to our home but we haven’t got the permission yet, and we think we never will, well at least I do. So we are changing the rooms like we wanted to have them with the extension just in case, I honestly think this house has  never been fixed or had any good adjustments until now.


So Thanksgiving is not celebrated here in Iceland, no surprise there, but me and my family always celebrate it with our dinner party group since we all lived in the USA , just for the heck of it. And why not? The food’s good. We had the dinner last Saturday which of course is not correct but I just wanted to give a heads up to any of my American readers out there and say Happy Thanksgiving, and most important, BON APPÉTIT!!!


And recently I’ve been living in café’s like a second home before the exams, living off on swiss mocha’s and croissants like a true central-town-rat (Iceland term for someone who hangs in café’s all day in central Reykjavík) while I read and write.

So recently I’ve been either sick in bed or to busy studying.


PICTURE ON THE TOP: My little sister, that was just getting better after having a fever, was quite disappointed when her big sister couldn’t play because she was reading and studying for exams. So she picked the closest grown-up book, that was in English with no pictures, and showed her skills on reading books upside down in English and I just had to take a picture because she was just too cute. Taken on Instagram.

More posts to come hopefully just before the exams and most definitely after.


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